Paul Boomsma - the person behind expaulore - is a professional outdoor and commercial photographer based in England.

Since a young age, Paul's always had a fascination with nature and a strong desire to create things. His passion for photography, creative mind and relentless dedication has driven him to travel around the world creating powerful imagery for the digital landscape.

"My main goal when creating content is to deliver a mood, a feeling, to capture a special moment, freeze it in time and make it last forever. I always want my content to have some sort of impact on the viewer, whether this be someone looking at a photo and re-living a special moment, or inspiring people to head out and travel or explore."

"With my commercial photography, I like to take a slightly different approach. I like to take a step back, observe and capture what naturally goes on without much interference. This allows me to capture natural photos and true emotions. You do your thing, I’ll capture the magic."

Through his career as a photographer, he's been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Photography Masterclass Magazine, Fujifilm, Devon Life Magazine, Medium and Devon Live News. He has also collaborated with brands such as Costa Coffee, Stella Artois, Kelloggs, KFConcept, Amazon, UFIT and more.

Have a project idea or interested in a collaboration? Send him an email or use the contact form to say hello. 


From pre-production, to shooting, to post. Paul creates high quality photo content that captivates the viewer. 

✓ Available for outdoor/tourism/landscape/wildlife/automotive/lifestyle/food & drink assignments

✓ Content creation through photography and digital media
✓ Social media campaigns & influencer marketing
✓ Brand ambassadorships and partnerships

High quality media content design & creation that will build a professional image for your brand.

✓ Leaflets/logos/menus/posters/business cards & other media content

Informative and engaging well written content that gives value to viewers.
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✓ Blog articles & news stories covering photography/travel/technology/tourism/wildlife/nature/lifestyle related content
✓ High quality photography and digital media 
✓ Search engine optimised content with links that will improve your rankings on Google



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