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About Me

Paul Boomsma - the person behind expaulore - is a professional outdoor and commercial photographer based in England.

Since a young age, Paul's always had a fascination with nature and a strong desire to create things. His passion for photography, creative mind and relentless dedication has driven him to travel around the world creating powerful imagery for the digital landscape.

Through his career as a photographer, he's been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Photography Masterclass Magazine, Fujifilm, Devon Life Magazine, Medium and Devon Live News. He has also collaborated with brands such as Costa Coffee, Stella Artois, Kelloggs, Amazon and more.

Paul specialises in all aspects of outdoor and commercial photography. As well as photos, he also produces videos, news stories, blog articles and social media campaigns.

Interested in a collaboration? Send him an email or use the contact form to say hello. 


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